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Bringing the Power of the Sun Indoors.

Solar power has been effectively harnessed for a growing number of applications, now including solar-powered golf carts and foldable solar chargers used to charge small to medium electronic devices.

And then there&npos;s the sun&npos;s ultra-violet rays.  Wait, you say, aren&npos;t those supposed to avoided at all cost?  In terms of direct contact, yes.  But the indoor air quality industry has harnessed their power for us in manufacturing UV air purification lights to help improve the quality of your indoor air.

In fact, by installing specially made UV lamps inside your air ducts or AC system air handler, Comfort Air can help you win the battle against the damaging effects of germs, bacteria, bio aerosols and other microorganisms.

For maximum effectiveness, we also can install a whole-house air filter upstream from the UV lamps to remove larger particles like dust and dirt from the air – these can actually shade the microorganisms from the UV light.

With that one-two combination hard at work in your home, you can look forward to cleaner indoor air and less time spent “under the weather”.  At the same time, UV lights are highly effective at reducing the amount of fungus and mold growth in your home.  These spores are often small enough to pass through air filters but can&npos;t escape the withering effects of ultraviolet rays pointed directly at them.

To learn more about UV lamps and how they might help clean up your family&npos;s indoor air – and keep it that way – contact Comfort Air today.

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