Ultraviolet Light Air Purification

Sometimes Wetter is Better.

Everyone complains about something, but in Palm Springs, no one complains about too much rain! Too little, maybe. But never too much.

And yet, with our stunning lack of rain comes extremely dry conditions, to the point where it negatively impacts the quality of your indoor air, potentially causing other problems as well.

And while Comfort Air can’t generate more rain, we can most certainly help moisten things up indoors with a whole-house humidification system.

Here are the key benefits that we can provide for you, your family, and your home:

  1. Improved health. Dry air makes your skin and respiratory system dry, too, robbing them of needed moisture. Dry indoor air also promotes bacteria growth and an increase in airborne viruses When the cold and flu season rolls around, you don’t want to be catching one or the other inside your own home. A whole-house humidification system spreads moisture evenly throughout your home to help fight the spread of germs and bacteria. Plus you can set and reset the humidity level at any time.
  2. Protection for wood floors and furniture. Dry air is a one-ingredient recipe for shrinking and cracking wood, and that goes for floors, cabinets, doors, furniture, and all the rest. With dry air comes static electricity, too, and that could turn into one “ouch” after another. Not to mention causing damage to your electronic equipment.
  3. Lower heating bills. Ever notice how dry air feels cooler than humid air? Sure you have: for example, temperatures in the 90’s in Palm Springs are a whole lot more comfortable than the same temperatures in Orlando…once, that is, you factor in Orlando’s normal 90% humidity. Well, the same thing goes for indoor living. A little moisture in the air will make you feel warmer at the same temperature setting, and that means lower utility costs.

At Comfort Air, we can install a whole-house humidifier, attaching it to your home comfort system. It’s a simple process offering a lifetime of multiple benefits.

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