Amana Air Conditioning Units

Reliable Cooling Systems With The Best Warranty In The Industry

In the Coachella Valley, where temperatures can exceed 100°F for as much as 10 months of the year, having reliable air conditioning is a necessity. With a motto that promises that equipment that Lasts and Lasts and Lasts®, Amana brand products are the choice of both homeowners and businesses for meeting their heating and air conditioning needs.

Cooling Systems Or Whole-Home Comfort

Whether you need a complete Home Comfort System that offers both heating and air conditioning functionality or just an air-conditioning unit, Comfort Air will match your needs with the best Amana heating and cooling system for your home or business.

Amana, a company that pioneered with beverage coolers in 1934, moved into heating and air conditioning after World War II. It quickly became known as an innovative leader in the field. Today, it offers the best warranty in the industry on environmentally friendly, high energy efficient heating and air conditioning units.

In the air conditioning field, systems are rated by their SEER or their Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The cooling output on a typical day is divided by the total electrical input for the day to determine the SEER rating. Those with the higher SEER rating cool more efficiently with lower energy consumption

Enjoy The Amana Quality Difference

  • Comfort Air is proud to install Amana air conditioners, including the current ASXC line that offers SEER readings from 13 to 24. All units feature:
  • Factory testing before shipping
  • Engineered for quiet operation
  • EnergyStar® ratings for efficiency
  • Lifetime Unit Replacement Limited Warranty on the compressor plus a 10-year warranty on the remaining parts
  • Environmentally-friendly, chlorine-free refrigerant R410a
  • High-efficiency, variable speed compressor
  • Compatibility with ComfortBridge™ technology that improve efficiency when the AC unit is paired with an Amana brand gas furnace

Cool Off By Contacting Us

To schedule a free in-home cooling analysis or to obtain more information about Amana air-conditioners for your home, contact Comfort Air, your local Amana Premier Dealer by phone at 760-933-7917, by email, or by filling in our contact form. We also specialize in maintenance and repair of your Amana system.

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