Duct Sealing Repair

Cracked Ducts can put a Dent in Your Budget.

What’s worse than a leaky duct?

Uh, well, if you’re interested in greater indoor comfort and reduced energy bills, then the answer is “not much.”

If ducts are cracked or not fully sealed, then air is escaping. When air escapes, it’s heating or cooling parts of your home – including outdoors – that aren’t doing you one bit of good.

So if all of a sudden you need to raise or lower the thermostat more than usual to obtain the ideal temperature, the problem could be inside your ductwork. But that’s good news as duct repair is very often a low-cost fix.

Leaking ducts pose health risks, too. Not only do they allow air to escape, they allow dirt, dust, and pollutants to enter which then work their way into your living quarters. And that’s the indoor air quality aspect of duct sealing.

Looking for one less thing to worry about, home-comfort-wise? Then contact Comfort Air for our duct sealing and repair service…we’ll grab our tools, tape, and sealant and be there just as quickly as possible.

To learn more or request a free in-home consultation so we can learn more about your air quality needs and recommend the best possible solution for your entire family, contact Comfort Air today.

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