Air Exchanger

Waging Wage War Against Indoor Air Pollution.

Here at Comfort Air, we go to battle every day for our customers.  And we mean that quite literally as we continue to create and implement indoor air quality solutions to help you win the battle against indoor air pollutants and the ill effects they can have on your health.

Air exchangers are one of the means at our disposal. Here’s what one can do for you:

  • Reduce excess humidity which can cause mold, mildew and damage to your home
  • Reduce the amount of chemicals and gases in the air, including chemical and smoking by-products
  • Remove particles from the air, like dust, dust mite, dirt, and pet dander
  • Help reduce heating and cooling costs for highly insulated homes
  • Remove stuffiness and help freshen up the air inside in your home

How an Air Exchanger Works

As the name suggests, air exchangers remove stale indoor air – especially prevalent in tightly sealed, well-insulated homes – and replace it with fresh air that it deposits inside your air ducts.  That way, your air exchanger will work hand-in-hand with your AC and forced air heating system for fresher, cleaner air year-round.

Your air exchanger also will include distribution grilles to deposit the fresh air in strategic locations throughout your home, especially in frequently occupied areas like your bedrooms, kitchen, and so on.  These are the places where fresh air is most likely to be needed.

A second set of grilles are designed to remove stale air from your home; these we usually install in the highest possible level of your home for maximum effectiveness.  Along with stale air, your air exchanger also will remove excess humidity which in turn helps to reduce the amount of bacteria, mold, and viruses that might be polluting your living spaces.

To learn more or request a free in-home consultation so we can learn more about your air quality needs and recommend the best possible solution for your entire family, contact Comfort Air today.

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