Programmable Thermostats

Put a Little More “Cool & Comfortable” Into Your New Or Existing Air Conditioning System

Air conditioners can do a whole lot more than just blow cool, pleasant air into your home. Modern air-conditioning systems offer amenities that make your system more energy-efficient and your home more comfortable.

Great Add-Ons To Your A/C System

Here are some of the best ways to get full benefit from a new or existing system:

  • Separate zones: Want perfect temperatures in every room or area of your home? Add multiple thermostats to control various “zones” in your home. You can adjust the rooms you use to the coolness you need while having the units off in unused areas of your home.
  • Programmable thermostats: Want your home to be cool when you get home without having to waste air-conditioning all day when your work? Programmable thermostats will turn your AC up when it’s time for you to come home and turn it down at a time you designate. You can program your thermostats for certain days of the week and certain times a day, often from remote locations via your smartphone.
  • Add additional registers: Have hot spots in your home where your air-conditioning does not reach? The problem may be that you need another register to cover certain rooms in your home. This may require adding additional ductwork but can improve airflow without buying a new system.
  • Increase insulation. Are you losing heat through your outside walls? Adding more insulation will make you more comfortable inside while controlling your energy consumption.

Let Comfort Air Enhance Your System

Many new systems come equipped with some of these features, but most can be added to any system. You will find that your increased ability to control cooling in specific areas of your home will increase your comfort while improving energy efficiency and cutting your electric bill. For information on how to get the most from your system, contact us today at 760-933-7917, by email at, or via our website.

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