Repairing Heating Systems in Thousand Palms, CA

Because California enjoys so many warm and pleasant months out of the year, many homeowners are tempted to skip heating system maintenance, figuring they don't use the heater as much as someone who, say, lives in Alaska. While it's true we have a great climate, your heating system can fall into disrepair whether you're using it or not, collecting dust and allergens that pose a fire or air quality risk, or developing leaks that waste energy and money on your utility bills. It's worth having your heating system inspected and cleaned on a regular schedule in order to stay safe and make sure your furnace is ready to go without fail when the temperature outside finally begins to drop.

Heating repairs

Comfort Air provides quick, professional heating repair service, even after hours. We'll give you a free estimate once our technicians have identified the problem, and then get right to work. To see what kinds of issues and heating system or furnaces we work with, go to the Heating Repairs page.

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Heating preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance and tune-ups are always the best way to avoid expensive and inconvenient breakdowns, on everything from your car to your furnace. Getting a tune-up from Comfort Air won't break the bank, and you'll be taking a positive safety step to avoid a fire hazard. Check out the Heating Preventative Maintenance page now.

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New heating systems

When another repair just won't cut it, contact Comfort Air for a new, energy-efficient system ranging from boilers to in-floor radiant heat. Plus, with up to 100% financing available, we'll make sure you find a New Heating System that fits both your home and your budget.

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Lennox heating systems

Comfort Air is a proud Lennox Preferred Dealer because we believe in the high quality and convenience of Lennox products. Not only will you get a great product for years to come, but we also offer Promotions to pass along the savings to our customers interested in Lennox Heating Systems.

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Ductless air

If your home wasn't built with air ducts behind the walls, adding them later is a big hassle. Fortunately, Comfort Air can install Ductless Air systems that don't require a huge construction project to heat your home.

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Heat pumps

Heat Pumps are classic, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems used in many Coachella Valley homes. Whether you need repairs to your existing one or you're considering purchasing a new system, our team can give you a free estimate and professional recommendations based on years of helping customers in our neighborhood.

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Heating system extras

Get the most from your heating system with HVAC accessories from Comfort Air, including remote thermostat controls, smart home features, and more. Look at the System Extras page to see all the add-ons.

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Financing plans

Contact us today to ask our team for Financing details or find out if your purchase qualifies for up to 100% financing with 0% APR for 60 months.

When was your last heating system inspection?

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