Indoor Air Quality

Improving Indoor Air Quality in Thousand Palms, CA

Comfort Air can help you breathe easier with a range of indoor air quality solutions. Look at some of the methods and products we use to protect even the most sensitive members of your family from dust, allergens, pet dandruff, and more.

Air filtration

Most homeowners assume the air in their homes is cleaner than outdoor pollution, but according to the EPA, the reverse is often true. Stale air contaminated by building insulation and other tiny particles can cause breathing problems or aggravate sensitive residents, so Comfort Air provides professional indoor air quality testing and solutions. Get the facts from our Air Filtration page.

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Air Exchangers

Air exchangers swap stale indoor air for fresh, filtered air from outside in order to keep a constant stream of clean air circulating through your home. Read more about how these systems work on the Air Exchangers page.

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UV lamps for cleaner air

You probably think UV light is best avoided. For your skin, that's true, but UV light can be used inside your HVAC system to purify air as it passes through the ventilation system and into your home. Find out why this might be a good solution in your home by going to the UV Lamps page.

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Using home humidifiers

In our dry climate, home humidifiers can help you breathe easier. Dry air promotes the spread of viruses, so your health could be at risk, not to mention the integrity of wood furniture and floors. During your free estimate, our HVAC technicians can evaluate your indoor air humidity and recommend a humidifier, if needed. You can see some of the advantages by clicking on the Home Humidifiers page.

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Air duct sealing for cleaner air

One of the most common culprits of contaminated air and wasted energy is a leaking air duct—a double-trouble problem that no one wants. If a small crack or hole develops anywhere along your central heating and air ducts, dust and insulation particles from your walls can get inside and blow right through the vents into your living room. Meanwhile, it takes extra energy to heat or cool a room when part of the air is escaping into the attic. To find out how we handle damaged air ducts, go to the Duct Sealing page.

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Carbon monoxide detectors

Carbon monoxide is odorless and invisible, but toxic and potentially fatal in high doses for children, pets, and adults. If your home has a carbon monoxide leak, one of the few reliable options you have for protection is a carbon monoxide detector. Usually similar in appearance to a fire alarm, these detectors are only a safe form of alarm if they’re regularly tested. Comfort Air can help you install and test your carbon monoxide detectors. Visit the CO Detectors page to learn more.

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Financing plans

Sometimes a big repair comes at a bad time and paying upfront for the entire cost is a large financial burden. Comfort Air is proud to now offer up to 100% financing, in some cases with 0% APR, to help you get the HVAC services you need. Ask our team for Financing details and learn if your purchase qualifies by contacting Comfort Air in Thousand Palms, CA, today for a free estimate.

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