Ductless Air Repair Systems in Palm Springs

Ductless Air Gives You All the Benefits of Central Air…Without the Ducts

Ductless air conditioning systems do their job without the ducts common to most heating and cooling systems. By using an outdoor compressor, one or more internal air handling units (heads), and a dedicated refrigerant line, a ductless system takes heat out of your home when the weather is hot and brings heat into your home when it is cool.

Stay Cool With Ductless Air Systems

This approach can be a great way to add HVAC functionality to a new room addition, but can provide whole house air conditioning or even offer both heating and cooling. Each unit:

  • Can have up to five blowers that distribute air
  • Controls a zone for cooling and heating that may serve several rooms, depending on the layout of your home
  • Has a separate thermostat to regulate temperature in its zone
  • Uses inverter technology (AC to DC) to reduce energy use, yet keeps temperatures even and comfortable
  • Is remote-controlled
  • Is unobtrusively mounted toward the ceiling of each room where the unit is located and blends in with your décor
  • Runs on R410A refrigerant that has zero ozone depletion potential for low environmental impact
  • Operates quietly

Hassle-free Installation From Comfort Air

A ductless system is easy to install and is a great way to provide temperature control to your home. The installation process is much quicker than installing a traditional ducted system. Since an experienced installer just has to drill a series of three-inch holes to connect the lines with the condenser and the units, the process can be completed in a day or two, even for a larger area. It is a tidy job and does not leave the homeowner with the task of patching or replacing walls.

Comfort Air specializes in designing and installing ductless systems in Coachella Valley homes. You can have a state-of-the-art cooling system that keeps your home comfortable, your energy bills low, and your environmental impact small. We also specialize in maintaining and repairing your ductless air system.

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