The Benefits of Zoned Heating & Cooling Systems

If you have one or two thermostats controlling indoor temperatures, the odds are better than even that you're paying too much to heat and cool your home. That's especially true if children are away at school during the day, or off for weeks or months at a time. That would mean you still have the same amount of living space, just not as many people occupying it.

So, what can you gain by further sectioning off your home into separate heating and cooling zones? Let's have a look.

Customizable comfort. Unlike a traditional system where one or maybe two thermostats control whole-house temperatures - even in unoccupied rooms - a zoned system allows you to control the temperature area by area, even room by room. That means no more thermostat battles because you like the living room a cool 65 while your son prefers his bedroom a cozy 72.

Greater energy efficiency. Making your home and family comfortable doesn't come cheap. Whether it's keeping toasty warm in winter or nice and cool during the summer months, it can prove quite challenging to marry comfort with energy and cost savings. With additional zones, you can enjoy comfy temperatures only when and where you need them, and save big money the rest of the time. In fact, a fully-zoned heating and cooling system can cut your monthly utility costs by up to 40%.

Programmable thermostats. Controlling your home energy costs isn't just about how many zones you have. Replacing conventional thermostats with programmable models can help you save even more. Today, you can even purchase programmable thermostats with remote Wi-Fi access, meaning you can change temperature settings no matter where you are from your thermostat app.

Combined heating & cooling systems. Want to hit it out of the park on energy savings? Then now's the time to contact Comfort Air about replacing your separate heating and cooling systems with either a combined heating and cooling system. That means one system doing the job of two, and that means less maintenance, greater comfort, and greater energy efficiency. Contact us today to request a free in-home comfort consultation and proposal.

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