5 Ways to Prevent Static Electrical Shock

5 Ways to Prevent Static Electrical Shock

Static electricity is both a fascinating scientific phenomenon and an annoying fact of life. Essentially, static charges can build along surfaces under certain conditions and discharge once we touch them. The resulting shock is often harmless, but annoying and sometimes painful. Static electricity charges also can harm sensitive electronic equipment.

Here’s how to keep static electrical shock at bay:

Humidify the Air

The drier the air, the greater the opportunity for static electrical build-up.  Buying or adding to your supply of indoor plants is one way to promote greater indoor humidity.  So is not using the fan while taking a shower and leaving the bathroom door open when you’re through.

Wear Natural Fibers

Clothes made from synthetics tend to pick up static charges more readily than natural fibers.

Use Anti-Static Hand Lotion

If you’re prone to dry skin, use an anti-static hand lotion to help prevent shocking yourself when you least expect it.

Go Barefoot

This is an old-fashioned but still effective way to reduce static buildup. You can accomplish the same goal by covering your shoes, socks, or slippers with aluminum foil, but that doesn’t make for much of a fashion statement, does it?

Purchase Ant-Static Mats & Products

You can purchase mats, wristbands, heal straps and conductive shoes along with anti-static sprays that can remove static buildup while preventing accidental discharges of static electricity.

Is the problem widespread enough that it warrants a more thorough solution?  Then Comfort Air has just the thing:  a whole-house humidifier.  It works in tandem with your furnace to heat and humidify your home simultaneously.  In addition to reducing or even eliminating static electrical shock, you also can look forward to reduced energy costs, less itching and scratching, and more restful nights.  To learn more, contact Comfort Air today, your local indoor air quality specialists.

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