• How to Maintain Your AC System

    Most stories have an ending and, way more often than not, you have no control over the ending. It could be happy, sad, or neutral, but you have to wait it out to find out which one. But sometimes we can control how things turn out, or at least strongly influence them. And that...

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  • Closing Air Vents to Reduce Energy Costs – Not All It’s Cracked up to Be!

    It’s so obvious, right? You’re not using a bedroom because Jason or Carli is off at college, so you close the vent to save some money on your heating or cooling bills. Actually, that’s not a good move at all. That’s because your heating and cooling systems were carefully designed to deliver a certain...

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  • The Benefits of Zoned Heating & Cooling Systems

    If you have one or two thermostats controlling indoor temperatures, the odds are better than even that you’re paying too much to heat and cool your home. That’s especially true if children are away at school during the day, or off for weeks or months at a time. That would mean you still have...

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  • Read This Before Replacing Your Heating or A/C System

    Who DOESN’T want the best price, especially when purchasing a relatively high ticket item?  We all do!  But if experience is worth its salt as a teacher, you eventually learn to ask yourself: “Does the lowest price always equal the best deal?” Before we attempt to answer that question definitively, let’s say you’re planning...

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  • Leaky Ducts Can Drive Up Your Heating & AC Costs

    Does any of the following ring a bell: Certain rooms do not heat or cool as well as other areas of your home. Your energy bills seem high, maybe even crazy high. You have excessive dust issues in your home. If so, the problem might not be your heating or cooling system, but the...

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  • 5 Ways to Prevent Static Electrical Shock

    Static electricity is both a fascinating scientific phenomenon and an annoying fact of life. Essentially, static charges can build along surfaces under certain conditions and discharge once we touch them. The resulting shock is often harmless, but annoying and sometimes painful. Static electricity charges also can harm sensitive electronic equipment. Here’s how to keep...

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