Read This Before Replacing Your Heating or A/C System

Who DOESN'T want the best price, especially when purchasing a relatively high ticket item?  We all do!  But if experience is worth its salt as a teacher, you eventually learn to ask yourself: “Does the lowest price always equal the best deal?”

Before we attempt to answer that question definitively, let's say you're planning to replace your home heating or cooling system.  You go about getting 3 quotes from local and reputable firms but, in the 11th hour, the employee from one such HVAC contractor contacts you and offers to beat your lowest price by 25% if you hire him for the job, unbeknownst to his employer.  That means you can now get that $6,000 replacement system for $4,500, and you find that very hard to turn down.

Except, of course, you should turn it down, and for all the right reasons:

  • Chances are you don't know much if anything about this moonlighter, except that he's will to stab his employer in the back, figuratively speaking.  So, how much loyalty can you expect from him should anything go wrong with the installation?
  • You have no way of knowing if he's licensed, and you can bet he's neither insured nor registered with the Better Business Bureau.
  • How do you expect to register for your manufacturer warranty when you're already sworn to secrecy on the identity of your installer?  You can't.

There are more lessons to be learned from even the anticipation of such an experience, but you get the idea. And that is, it's always better to do business with a licensed and reputable contractor.  You can still shop for the best deal without having to sacrifice your product warranty and other after-the-installation considerations, like annual preventative maintenance.  And what if something should go wrong during the installation, or soon thereafter?  Aren't you better offer being in the care of a service provider that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee?

Suffice it to say that Comfort Air has your back, from start to finish, no matter what the home heating or cooling need might be. We also work hard to help you save money through our own special offers and by helping you obtain available manufacturer and utility company rebates.  Click here to learn more about our unique qualifications or call our office so one of our home comfort advisors can assist you.

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