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A Little Extra Heating System Can Go a Long Way Toward Greater Indoor Comfort & Energy Savings.

Heating Service Extras-2-15It’s very important to remember that before Comfort Air installs a new home comfort system, we first design it.  And part of the design process involves asking you about special health needs, your desire to cut your energy costs, and more.

That way, we can recommend, when and appropriate, one or more of the following heating system add-ons.

Separate Zones and Programmable Thermostats

If your heating and cooling systems now operate from a single thermostat, you have ready-made opportunity to cut energy costs without sacrificing comfort.  Zoned heating and cooling systems are especially valuable for multi-level homes where you don’t have to keep all rooms at the same temperature, all the time.  That can be wasteful to the max.

Or, even in a one-level home, if you’re used to occupying certain rooms during one part of the day while barely setting foot in others, then once again a zoned heating system can help cut your energy costs dramatically.

Plus, no matter how many zones you have, replace your current with a programmable model and give yourself even greater control of keeping temperatures exactly where you want them for certain times of day.  Some even operate via remote control.

A Whole-House Air Filtration System in Palm Springs

Indoor air, on average, is 5 times more polluted than outdoor air.  In fact, there are all kinds of nasty things that accumulate inside your ducts and elsewhere, including dust, dust mites, pet dander, cleaning by-products, formaldehyde from new carpeting, mold, mildew, pesticides brought in from outside, and many more.

You can weed them out with an air filtration system installed inside your ducts.  These capture no less than 99.7% of pollutants that pass through the system’s filter before they can enter your living quarters…and your lungs.

A Whole-House Humidifier in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is known for all kinds of things.  One of them is extremely dry weather conditions. On average, we get only 5.53 inches of rain per year!

Which means that a little added humidity can help keep you and your family more comfortable and at lower temperature settings.  In fact, your comfort level is 70 degrees; you can turn the thermostat to 66 with a home humidifier and feel just as comfortable while cutting your energy bill in the process.

The humidifier is attached to your home comfort or heating system and delivers just the right amount of humidity to keep you comfortable and protect your home from peeling paint, cracked wood, static shock, and more.  Added humidity also helps prevent infection, sore throat, dryness inside your nose, and nose bleeds.

How Can We Help You Feel More Comfortable?
To find out how to enjoy great indoor comfort, all year long, contact the home comfort and indoor air quality specialists at Comfort Air today.


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