What are the Right Indoor Humidity Levels?

Humidity isn’t just something worth keeping an eye on outdoors. Having the right levels of indoor humidity is just as important to your overall comfort as the temperature. Plus, indoor humidity that’s too high or too low can drive up your energy costs.

Let’s start with the impact humidity has on your summer-time indoor comfort. First, the older your AC system gets, the less efficiently it gets rid of excess indoor humidity. Chances are you won’t sleep as well as normal, plus higher humidity can negatively impact symptoms from allergies and asthma.

What’s more, the higher the humidity, the warmer you’ll feel at the same temperature setting. Which means that high indoor humidity during the summer is sure to increase your electricity costs since your AC system will have to work longer and harder to help keep you comfortable.

Then winter comes along, a time when indoor humidity is likely to be lower than what is recommended. There are numerous negative effects from low indoor humidity, including dry skin and sinuses, frizzy hair, nose bleeds, static electrical shock, and more.

Experts agree that the ideal level of indoor humidity is somewhere between 30 and 55 percent relative humidity. How can you achieve that? With a whole-house humidifier from Comfort Air to add humidity in the winter, and a whole-house dehumidifier to push excess humidity outdoors during the summer. Either system enables you to adjust humidity levels up or down to better meet your family’s comfort needs.

You may need one, both, or neither. But if you’re concerned that your indoor humidity levels aren’t quite right at least some of the time, contact Comfort Air today for a free in-home comfort analysis and a new system quote as needed. We look forward to our next opportunity to serve you.

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