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Put a Little More “Cool & Comfortable” into Your New or Existing Air Conditioning System.

New or existing, sometimes you want a little more from an air conditioning system.  And sometimes you want a little less…as in, lower energy costs.

Here are the best ways to increase the effectiveness of your home air conditioning system:

  • Programmable Thermostat-2-15Separate Zones.  If your home system is all controlled by a single thermostat, you might want to consider the benefits of adding one or more zones.  It’s a great way to provide perfect temperatures only where you need them while saving energy in areas where you don’t.
  • Programmable Thermostats.  How many times have you left your home and forgot to turn down the AC, meaning it’s running at full throttle while no one’s home to cool off?  Conversely, how often do you raise the temperature while you’re gone but hate how long you have to wait for your home to cool off once you reset the temperature setting?  That’s the whole idea of a programmable thermostat, as in, to prevent those situations from happening while cutting your energy consumption.  You can program your thermostats for certain times of day, certain days of the week…there are even models you control from remote locations.
  • Adding a New Register.  Let’s say, for example, that you’ve just moved into a home that has one or more hot spots, and a technician tells you there’s nothing wrong with your system. Then, you get a second opinion and find out he’s right.  Well, before you go running off to purchase a brand new system, the solution could be as simple as adding another register – even if it means extending your ductwork – to the room or rooms that are warmer than you like, and where you don’t have to crank up the system just to take care of an isolated problem.
  • Add More Insulation.  If more air is working its way inside your home through outside walls (or cool air is escaping), adding more insulation will help control your energy consumption while increasing your indoor comfort.

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