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On-time System Repairs for All Makes & Models of Central Air, Ductless Air, and Heat Pump Systems.

AC Repairs-2-15If your air conditioning suddenly stops working, that’s about as clear as it gets that you need professional assistance.

But there are additional warning signs that indicated something is not quite right or perhaps even seriously wrong…and the sooner you contact us for service, the more likely we can fix the problem before things get any worse.

AC warning signs include the following:

  • You need to keep lowering the thermostat to maintain or achieve the desired temperature…one possible cause is a refrigerant leak
  • Uneven airflow from room to room…could be a problem with your air handler or restricted airflow inside your ducts
  • One room or area of your house is very cold and all the others are at lower but common temperature…probably a problem with your thermostat
  • Moisture leaking from your system
  • Strange sounds, like grating or squealing…this could be as simple as a fan belt replacement, but it could also indicate serious wear or tear that requires system replacement
  • Strange odors, which probably indicates one or more wires has burned out

No matter what the problem, Comfort Air has the skill and experience to fix them all, and for all makes and models.  We also have the customer concern to tell you if the repair is worth the cost, or if a system replacement might make more sense.

If your system is causing you problems or concerns, give us a call and we’ll do what it takes to restore the cool, comfortable conditions you’re accustomed to.

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Paul was great! Excellent service both times!  I will be using Comfort Air to buy my new unit soon!”

- Lance M. Palm Desert

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